Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The wedding dress

Next year I will have been married for 10 years. (If we don't kill each other between times).
It will also have been 10 years since I fitted into the gorgeous Ivory Duchesse Satin Ronald Joyce gown which I glided up the aisle in.
With a boned bodice, off the shoulder detail and a sweeping full skirt it was *the dress of dreams*.
I loved it. I felt gorgeous in it. Looking back on the pictures I looked gorgeous in it - of course at the time I thought I was a big fatso bride.
By the time I came back from honeymoon (having put on the honeymoon half a stone) it was snug. By the time we reached anniversary number one it didn't fit. It has never fit again.
I dream (literally) of sliding it on and pulling the zip up effortlessly. I dream of feeling like a princess again.
But I'm a long way from princess-ness. I'm (gasp) almost 4 stone heavier than when I glided up that aisle and two dresses larger. My body is also irrevocably changed due to two pregnancies and the passing of ten years in which life has often been stressful.
It dawned on me last night, as I lay down to sleep, that I want to wear that dress again. And it's a goal I've not set myself as part of my ongoing Big Fat Weightloss Challenge. I hope, please God, that by May 26 of 2011 I'll be able to fit in my frock again. That gives me 13 months to lose just under four 1lb a week that is doable.
I promise if I do I will post a picture here for you all to laugh at see.


Manicmum said...

You looked gorgeous on the day and surely that's all that matters. It was a dress for a different day, a different you.
I try to squeeze into mine each year on our anniversary. It's getting tighter each year. I trip around the house for five minutes until I feel silly and put it away again. I'm not sure these moments are worth giving up chocolate for! XX

Claire said...

Thanks MM.. I think if it just got a *little* tighter I could cope but the fact is, it wouldn't fit over my big toe now.
But thank you xxx

Michele said...

You can do this, Claire. The dress is gorgeous; you should keep this pic posted on your fridge and at your desk.

Irish Mammy said...

You go girl!! I am sure you can do it, you do look fab in your dress. I think I was the same a ball of nerves on the day, but I too have jumped at least 2 dress sizes. Great goal to get back into the wedding dress, I was so stressed (arranging my wedding from Paris and getting married to a Swede and travelling families and friends). I love the comment btw on the website I am not sure your daughter would like that approach though ;-)

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