Friday, May 28, 2010

Book launches and other such things

Jumping in Puddles is hitting the shelves in paperback this weekend and into next week.
It's a nailbiting, gutwrenching time. A bit like sending your child into school for their first day and hoping people be nice to him or her.
The book marks a year of my life - it was at times painfully difficult to write (The phrase blood from a stone springs to mind, as does pulling teeth). These were the characters who messed with my head the most, mostly because they were so strong in their own right that I felt compelled to do them justice.*
I have a busy week ahead. I will, at the start of next week, drive to my latest Tesco (Ireland) store to see my book proudly proclaimed 'Book of the Week in store. I will be travelling to Drogheda for radio, and Bray and meeting with journalists, booksellers and my publishers.
I will have to put my best public persona face and come up with some witty one liners and more than that I will have try and ignore that little voice of doubt every writer has that their books are simply not good enough.
It might be a little quiet here as I go on the publicity trail but wish me and my wee book well.

*NB: I know they are not actually real people

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Debs Riccio said...

Good luck, Claire - will be thinking of you and wish you and your paperback baby the very best of success - as if you need it! x

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