Monday, May 31, 2010

Cheater, cheater, smelly feeter

So another one bites the dust. Ronan Keating in the latest in a series of apparantly squeaky clean celebrities to have been caught cheating on their devoted partners.
First we had Tiger Woods - a man who had more lovers on the go than I’ve had hot dinners (and that is saying something). Then Mark Owen from Take That - who still doesn’t look old enough to have a proper girlfriend never mind a wife and a mistress - was caught playing away from home. And now we have Ronan - an edgy version of Daniel O’Donnell - being chucked out of his Malahide mansion by his wife of 12 years after she uncovered his affair with a dancer.
What all these men have in common is that since their philandering ways have become public they have all been seen, heads bowed in contrition, a wee spark of a tear in their eyes looking exceptionally sorry for themselves.
And that, dear reader, is what irks me about these men. They do feel sorry for themselves - and they talk to the press, or to well placed sources about how they know they made a mistake, and they are deeply sorry and they didn’t mean it... yadda yadda.
Funny however, that even though they knew they were making a mistake (or multiple mistakes as is alleged in the cases of both Tiger Woods and Mark Owens) they didn’t feel the compulsion to stop before they are publicly outted for the cheating scoundrels they are.
As the song says “don’t tell me you’re sorry, when you’re not. You know you’re only sorry you got caught”.
You may have gathered I have little time for cheaters - I hold no court with the theory that men are not designed to be monogomous. If a man has no intention of being faithful he should be honest with himself and not get married in the first place. If he has sauntered down the aisle and subsequently forgotten the ‘forsaking all others’ bit in the vows he should break things up before he sneaks around behind his wife’s back.
If he happens to be famous and therefore followed by eagle-eyed paparazzi at almost every turn he should have a bit more cop on in the first place. There is a certain inevitably to squeaky clean celebrities getting caught with their pants down and not only destroying their marriages in the wake of their infidelity but also putting a huge dent in their careers.
What I don’t get is why these men feel the need to cheat in the first instance? Their wives are beautiful, strong and successful women. Their homes are lovely. They don’t worry about money. They have gorgeous children. They, themselves, have careers more successful than many of us could dream of with designer clothes, fancy cars and posh houses that many of us would give our eye teeth for.
And still they want more - and they think they deserve more and it doesn’t matter who they hurt as they go about getting it. In essence they are greedy sods.
There is an arrogance to this sort of behaviour and the excuse that sure the poor pet is only a man and can’t refuse when it is handed to him on a plate just does not cut it with me.
It’s not Ronan Keating I feel sorry for this week, as he slinks back into Malahide for crisis talks with his dark glasses on and his hair looking a bit messy. I don’t feel sorry for him that he broke down in tears at a weekend gig and told the crowd that life, indeed, was a rollercoaster. He then, it is reported, dedicated the song ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ to her. Boke! That all smacked a bit of spin to my ears.
My heart went out to Yvonne - his wife of 12 years - and their three children. I can’t imagine the pain she felt on finding his second mobile phone (the man was such a cliche) with lewd messages to his new girlfriend on it. The fact that he was prepared to risk his marriage just to get his end away elsewhere must be devastating for her self esteem. The press attention thrust on her and her children when she must be feel raw from the betrayal must be hard to take and yet there are elements in the media which harp on and on about the wounded look on poor wee Ronan’s face.
Is he really sorry, or is he sorry he got caught? Somehow I think if Yvonne hadn’t found his phone he would be still be up to his tricks now.
As we would say in Derry - the boy can take his oil.


Debs Riccio said...

Way to go Claire!

Sharon Owens said...

I just heard someone call him Rovin' Cheatin' - well, as a child of a broken showbiz marriage myself I can vouch that the lack of a complete family life never quite leaves you, no matter who was to blame for the break-up. Probably why I thank God for my own wee family every single day.

Chic Mama said...

Sad isn't it that these men ( it always seems to be men) look for sympathy. What is wrong with them? :0(

Gerry Snape said...

Oh how I love this blog! Just want to say with all the cheated on, "cry me a river......."

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