Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Plateau

I joked on Facebook last night that it was ironic that I have hit a plateau in my weightloss given that I am still the size of a mountain.
Last night the scales declared a big fat stay the same.
I almost cried. In fact I think I might have stomped my feet and declared "S'not fair" and the advice given to me was to track everything this week and report back next.
Well I have been tracking (almost) everything and it hasn't helped...
So it's time for desperate measures.

Serious tracking - even the 3 mini smarties I ate this morning.
No drinking - this makes me want to kill myself, but ya know, needs must.
Cutting down on bread - and I've got that Crusts Away stuff and some Low Low Spread.
Not eating anything which cannot be pointed to within an inch of its life (no shop bought salads or sarnies).
The Pink and White obsession must end.
And I must walk more - not sure when I will find the time, but I will.

Oh, I've plateaued with book 5 as well... so it's time for desperate measures there too.
I've booked a week off work in which to write (no mammy duties allowed) - so I must resist the allure of Loose Women and other such nonsense.
How I wish I could squirrel myself away in a hotel for a week with just my laptop for company.


Debs Riccio said...

Let me know when you check in Claire, and I'll be right behind you x

Sharon Owens said...

I know 3 people who have recently shed stones - 4 or 5 stone each in a few short months - and they did it not eating carbs. Any carbs. Just bacon and eggs for breakfast, chicken and fruit for lunch and dinner. Not saying it's healthy - I wouldn't know - (I eat all before me but I walk 1 hour a day). Maybe you could compromise by swapping your bread for chicken and salad? Also heard iced water helps burn calories - but please don't go all LA on us...

mrsC said...

Claire, you're doing great!! Just a tiny bump on your journey.

I subscribe to this blog - http://www.whoatemyblog.com/ - it's a man who started at 630+lbs. So far he's lost 150lbs but this week he plateued as well, no weight loss. He is so inspirational and his attitude is brilliant,you must check him out.

Keep on keeping on!

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