Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday monday

Weigh in day.
I'm almost ashamed to admit that in the last four weeks I've lost a paltry 1.5lbs. I lost a pound, a half a pound, gained half a pound and lost it again.
This depresses me because, in honesty, I've not been *that* bad.
Okay, so I've not been squeaky clean either but I've hardly been on a binge fest and being the weight that I am (which is mahoosive) it should still be coming off.
This week and last I've been good - well, 6 days out of seven. Saturday was a bit of a trainwreck but that aside I have been suitable depriving myself and eating healthy.
And yet the scales still hold a degree of fear for me tonight because I just feel stuck. I feel as if I did so well for the first two months but then it all ground to a staggering halt and no amount of walking, or pointing, or turning my back on sweets and chocolate is making a damn ounce of difference.

It's hard to force myself out to meetings now, knowing that the glow of a good weight loss isn't happening.

So keep your fingers crossed... and offer any and all tips you have for finding that enthusiasm when it feels all your best efforts are for nowt.


Irish Mammy said...

First few weeks mostly the water comes off, the body starts adjusting to the new intake of calories, then there is these type of plateau or should that be plateaux? Anyway the point is it's bloody hard, I went up last week and was terrible this week - there's communion cakes, cupcakes, chocolate gifts.....if it's near me it will be eaten. I have been bad, very bad, including wine.

Valerie said...

As long as the weight is headed down you're doing fine. Even the smallest amount is still a loss. While 1.5 pounds doesn't seem like a lot, it can easily add up to more. Just keep going!

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