Monday, May 31, 2010

How to market a book

As an impoverished author type lady, I am trying to think of unique ways to market Jumping in Puddles now that it has been released in paperback format this week.

Of course I'm using Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and all sorts of social media.
I'm courting websites for interviews and planning a giveaway or too.
I've a few radio interviews lined up and I'm hoping to set up another Northern Girls event.

But I need something more.

It was suggested that I buy "a rake of wellies in Lidl" and leave them in strange places around Derry prompting people to ask "what the feck are all the wellies about" and for me to reply with a smile that they are to encourage you to jump in your own puddles.
This is a good idea... except... we live in heightened security times. I would not want my well meaning book publicity to start a bomb scare. I would be really quite embarrassed if they ATO were tasked to blow up a welly boot. Or indeed if I was accused of being a one woman paramilitary splinter group (DWFCL - Derry Writer for Chick Lit).
So that idea was cast aside.

When JIP was released in trade paperback last year Poolbeg made up cool little bottles of water, with cocktail umbrellas and once again encouraged people to make their own puddles. I have an (almost) 15 month old. I know all about making your own puddles. She made one yesterday in fact, when I stripped her off for her bath.
The thing is, I'm not sure random strangers would take kindly to a randomer in welly boots (possibly explosive welly boots) handing them bottles of water. I would tend to think the randomer was mad. I would tend to want to run away from the possibly spiked water.

So, all ideas of making my own puddles and/or a welly boot invasion being gone, I wondered what would it be like if I just, you know, left random copies of the book in hotel lobbies, or cafes with a little note in the cover asking people to read, enjoy and pass on.
This, however, does not generate sales. And knowing my luck the book would get binned with the remainder of the milky coffees and half eaten buns from that day.
I will, however, continue to ponder on that.

My next option is that the book is now Book of the Week in Tesco. So I'm planning a covert operation (no wellies involved) whereby I will slip copies of the book randomly into people's trollies. I'll pick my marks well - harassed mammies with rowdy wains, people with trollies so overflowing they won't notice one wee teeny tiny (400 odd page) novel amongst the loo rolls, that kind of things.

Short of all that I will just plead.


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