Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2006- the year I wrote a book?

IN JANUARY 2002, myself and my then best friend (long story, save it for the next book) decided to start taking Salsa classes.
(Honestly, this is not another SCD post!). I loved dancing and you know what, I was damn good at it. My friend- well she struggled a little- but she loved it too.
We became somewhat obsessed and went to two classes a week as well as a social night. It became my life. I spent hours practising and while I've never been able to do a floor spin, I could move my hips bloody nicely- thank you.
I even had the chance to dance with a world champion at a salsa festival in Donegal (of all unlikely places).
Anyway, in the midst of our obsession I remember turning to my friend and saying: "Let's make sure we never look back on this and say 'Remember that year we did the salsa?'"
We laughed at the time, because it seemed so unlikely it would or could ever be the case that we just wouldn't want to dance anymore.
In that September, when I was getting really good, I took a fall. That fall happened just days before the salsa fest in Derry and even though I attended my confidence was knocked. My front tooth was broken, my face was battered and I was teamed up with a truly awful dancer. I just didn't have the confidence from that moment on and over the next six months I slid out of the dance scene.
My friend on the other hand went on to become a fantabulous dancer and teacher.
Fast forward to the present day. This year my passion has been writing, but all it takes is one little, seemingly insignificant thing to knock my confidence and convince me I've been fooling myself all along.
I'm waiting for that event and I'm hoping it won't come. Please let it not be the case that in four years from now I reminisce about how I could have been a writer once...


Keris said...

No, no, no! It won't. But if it does (and it won't!) you must just ignore it and carry on. And you're not fooling yourself - you're a fabulous writer!

And you should get back to dancing too.

I've just found a dance school very near me and I'm joining up. I will be ready for SCD 2009, oh yes I will.

Claire said...

Thanks sweetie!
And just remember, God wouldn't have given you maracahs if he didn't want you to shake 'em!

diane s said...

Oh I can't wait to dance when my health's improved! (good for you Keris!)
and you ARE a writer Claire- always will be! xx

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