Monday, November 20, 2006

SCD week 7- Emma was quite good

I'VE NOT been a huge fan of Emma Bunton throughout this series. I have found her quite smug to be honest, I liked her on Saturday night.

I think the key was not listening to her blether before the dance and just enjoying the performance for what it was. Her dress was tres sparkly (always a good thing for Latin dancing) and she actually seemed to have found her mojo. Baby Spice was all grown up, so I was shocked to see her in the bottom two at the end.

Mark and Karen continued to delight. (Though has anyone noticed how Karen seems to look more and more manic each week?) Brendan continued to be hugely annoying. Louisa was technically wonderful but the tango is too grown up a dance for a 17 years old. Matt and Lilia, well yes they were good- but ballroom doesn't do it for me. Give me some spice!

And Peter and Erin. Now what I'm going to say next is very cruel, so please forgive me. But surely I'm not the only one who thinks Peter bears more than a passing resemblance to the monster from 'Young Frankenstein'? Especially when dancing? Think back to the classic Gene Wilder/ Monster 'Putting on the Ritz' scene and you've got Peter Schmeical.

Need more proof?

Yes, he was a gentleman but no he cannot dance and he had to go. But with the shock of Emma in the bottom two this week, we can only wonder who is next?

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