Monday, November 27, 2006

Day three in the Operation Pollyanna house...

I WILL admit that for today I have struggled- generally down to be so very tired and waiting for all important news that could see me validated as a writer.
My positive things include my amazing son. I finished work today, tired and frazzled and little hormonally emotional and came home to a super smiling face.
Joseph then cuddled up on my knee and we read his 'Charlie and Lola' books together (which is worth it to hear Joseph say Wo-Wa and Soren Lorenson alone).
In the end he went to bed a very tired but very happy little boy and that in turn made me feel nice and contented.
The other Yay for Today is that I am almost ready to go to Belfast to see my bestest friend Vicki who I haven't seen since my birthday in June.
Wine may be consumed, so you will forgive me if there is no post tomorrow.
Sorry that there is no dedicated Strictly Come Dancing post this week- I was working on Saturday and only got home in time to see snippets. I'm glad Claire and Brendan are gone though. I have lost all respect for the woman who was Kim Tate- Kim Tate would never have been so bawdy! And Brendan- yep, he can dance- but I've been reading what a male slapper he is.
Next week will be tough though. The five remaining couples (does anyone else now say "couples" in a Tess Daly style Northern accent???) are all really good.
My money is still on Mark Ramprakash though.... Saturday nights have never been so good.

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pawpads said...

Ah Hayley Mills. A national treasure.

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