Monday, April 14, 2008

Did ya ever get one of those days?

Okay, I didn't sleep well last night so this post is brought you by the letters T.I.R.E and D and the numbers 666 (to suit my mood).

But anyway, up I get this morning cheered by the bright haze of sunshine glowing through the curtains. I dress myself and even manage to straighten my hair in preparation for my stint on "the UTV" tonight.
I get the boy ready and he, for once, actually eats his breakfast and gets dressed with minimum fuss.
And then I walked out to the car to get us in.
And I notice, bizarrely, that all the doors are open.
And then I notice that my CD player (£10.00, Argoose) is gone and my MP3 player (£10.99, Tesco) is also gone.
My steering wheel is also locked into a position that indicates some arsewipe has been trying to jiggle it but was foiled by the immobiliser.

Now my CD player and my MP3 player did not cost a lot of money. But they were mine. And my car is a heap of shit, but is is my heap of shit. I paid MY money for it. And it takes me to work. I have taxed it, paid a fortune at the garage getting it repaired and look after it the best I can.
So what makes anyone think they have a right to break into it, to steal from it, to try and steal it themselves?
It's events such as these which make me think the right wing eejits who write for the Daily Mail have a point.

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