Friday, April 11, 2008

Things to melt your heart part 3

The boy seems to be going through a particularly affectionate phase.
Of course I'm ignoring any mention of an Oedipus complex and just enjoying the copious hugs and kisses. I know that I have a son and as such my time getting kisses and hugs from him is seriously limited.
Whereas girls tend to remain relatively affectionate into their teenage years and adulthood, I know a time will come when the boy will shrug off my kisses and hugs because "it's so not cool, mum". He might even swear, or refuse to talk to me at all. Our conversations may become a series of grunts and sniffs. I am mentally preparing myself for that - and it's not easy.
So I'm revelling in his desire to tell me he loves me and that I am the best mummy in the world. (Yes, I do know it is wrong on some level to look for reassurance from a four year old, but I'm neurotic, get over it).

So anyway yesterday morning I was getting him ready for school and showed him my new "I got to number 2 in the charts" ring, and the following conversation ensued.

J: Mummy, why do girls wear rings?
M: Because we like shiny things* and they are pretty.
J: And boys don't wear rings?
M: Some boys do. Daddy wears a ring, it's because him and mummy got married.
J: *pained look* But I wanted to marry you mummy.
M: It's okay sweetie Mummy loves you very much.
J: Can you buy me a wedding ring so we can get married too?

* Yes, I know I'm stereotyping, but admit it, we women do like shiny things.

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