Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I was going to blog this morning about Marian Keyes' March Newsletter which is hilarious funny (esp the bit about pole vaulting onto her bed because it is so high).

And then I was going to blog about the very random conversation I had with Joseph this morning about guinea pigs.

And then I was going to blog about the random anxiety bleurghness that refuses to leave me at the moment.

And then, as I was driving into work I switched on to Today FM (I love them as they played my ad last summer) and Ray D'Arcy was starting his morning programme (and yes, I was a leetle bit late for work).

Anyway, he read out a letter from a family member of a baby Jack in Galway. Baby Jack turns 18 months old today and no one knows how much longer he will live for. He was born without a portion of his brain At the time of his diagnosis he was given just hours to live. He has defied all the odds and he's still here.
His family member asked that today we take a moment to offer up a prayer for him, light a candle, appreciate what we have. They are treating his 18 month birthday like his 18 year birthday.
So, for today, can we just do that? Thank you.

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