Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today's reason to be cheerful

It's been a manic day, once more today.
It seems as if someone has hit the fast forward button on my life. This morning I had to get up (at 6.30 thanks to my son because 'It's light, so it;s morning. Wake up mummy'.) and get showered and get the house sorted before leaving at 8.20 to get the boy to nursery and the niece to the childminders.
Then it was on to get petrol before the car carked in on the New Bridge* and then back to the chapel five doors down from my house** for a funeral Mass, then into work for the briefest of moments to check in on my email before heading out again to do an interview with Twink (see previous post on Twink/ Auschwitz randomness) and then it was back to the office for an afternoon of writing til smoke was coming off my keyboard because tomorrow I'll be on page make-up/ sub-editing duties.
It's now 3.50pm and I've my column to write and the afore-mentioned Twink article to get through and I've already put through a different feature in record time.
BUT, while in town interviewing said Twink, I called into Next*** and bought not one, but two, rings. Okay, the diamonds aren't real but they are shiny and twinkly and every time I look down at my right hand I feel all smilie.
It almost makes my manic typing enjoyable - at least now the typing has the bling factor.

*The New Bridge is a bridge in Derry which is not new. But it is newer than the old bridge and forever will be known as the New Bridge unless someone builds another one and then perhaps it will be known as the middle bridge.

** The chapel isn't really five doors down from my house, but I'm putting burglars off the scent.

*** The interview ran into lunch time so I was not swizzing my employers.

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