Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Handbags and the gladrags

My very lovely writing friend Fionnuala - who is so achingly funny she deserves her own, erm, blog has started blogging.

And her first post got me to thinking.
My handbag (platinum coloured from Next. I love it almost as much as I love my child) is a cluttered mess which bears (or is it bares? I never know) more than a passing resemblence to a pharmacy encased in leather (probably pleather). So for all bloggers out there - who like to be a nosy fecker like me - here are the contents of my bag du jour

*Purse - contains a minimal amount of cash which worries me. It's 13 days 'til payday. It is also heaving with receipts which I really must sort out.

*Mobile - set on silent.

*Mahoosive bunch of keys which I still manage to lose every three seconds.

*Mother's Day card from the boy with random housekeeping sums scribbled on the envelope.

*A Happy Meal toy from McDonalds.

*A small fluffy duck - fallen off an Easter card made by the boy in nursery.

* The boy's assessment from the health visitor after his pre-school jags

* Four Tesco Computers for School Vouchers.

* A fork. (for my lunch)

* A L'Oreal lip gloss.

* Packets of Syndol (for headaches) Nurofen (for womenly issues) and my happy pills (for my healthy dose of crazy).

*A purple post-it note from Luisa Plaja who is a wonderfully funny author.

* A packet of batteries for my MP3 player

*A receipt from my weekly Tesco shop.

* Some Chapstick.

* Another L'Oreal lip gloss (because I'm worth two).

* A congratulations card from my godmother.

* And a Blankety Blank cheque book and pen.**

** I may have been lying about that one.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! You've got my post-it note! Now I wish I'd written something wittier on it. Argh! :)

Aaah, I love your blog *and* Fionnuala's blog. :) :)


Fionnuala said...

Your bag is so much more interesting than mine! It also relly worried me when I read your blog becasue I haven't been out since yesterday and my bag had no mahoosive bunch of keys. S**t. Where are my keys????????

The IT Girl said...

Hehe! It's amazing how much we carry in our bags...I've got a similar assortment of stuff (minus the Happy Meal toy)...

By the way, I've awarded you the 'E for excellent' blog award. :)

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