Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I think I may have a new addiction

Now a wee while back Keris (who has just got a book deal, doncha know??) started a bit of an addiction with celebrity properties and how to have a good nose through them.
And yesterday author Sharon Owens and I were coveting a deliciously white and sunny apartment in Belfast via the t'interweb.
Just today I noticed Sharon had posted a picture of her study on her website and now I am coveting it also.
While Penelope (another blogger) has just had her dining room and living room refloored and has posted new pics.
It is entirely possible that I'm becoming addicted to other people's interiors.
Still, it's better than a cocaine addiction I suppose.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I know. There's so much I want to do to our house, that needs done and not enough time or resources.
For a while, last fall, I was addicted to House Flips or whatever the show was called where people buy a place and try to renivate it quickly and at a decent price.
Someday. Only, now they've increased the number of times the inspectors have to come. It's all about the money!

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