Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm printing this out and sticking it on my (messy) fridge

A few months ago I started to receive emails from Carrie and Danielle, who are lifecoaches. I've no idea why I started getting their emails (entirely possibly I registered for them and then forgot) but I like their Friday thoughts.

Today I like their words of wisdom a lot.

If you need to get the dishes done, tidy up, or have tranquility before your ideas can flow, your creative genius may be a bit insulted. (And insulted guests are reluctant to keep coming 'round.)
Devotion, be it to a person, a business plan, or your life’s calling, is a mighty force. It's bigger than foibles, chaos, and complaints. So be ruthlessly devoted. Hunker down. Give what's really important your ultimate reverence. The messiness won't disappear, but it will matter less as you get where you want to go.

Think I can convince Mr Allan that it's okay to live in squalor???


Sarah said...

oooh, I just so didn't need another excuse/pretext not to tidy up...

But if I can't procrastinate, I'll have to sit down and get on with it.

It's complicated.

Keris said...

It was me! I signed you up for it, but I think they were supposed to ask you to confirm. Sorry if they didn't. :(

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