Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Och aye the noooo!

Am very sorry not to have posted recently but was away in Scotland having a verily lovely time with my friend Vicki.
The weather mostly held out and we enjoyed some glorious sunshine - and some nice chats with and without the kiddiewinkles.
Have come back very tired, and nicely chilled and now am setting about the rest of my week.
All being well I pick up my new car tomorrow. Mr Allan has purchased me a lovely new (to us) Suzuki Liana and it's only three years old!
Considering the current car outside my house is 368 years old and I have to power it by running really, reall fast through the holes in the rusty bottom* I am excited. The new vehicle has power steering - the sheer luxury of it. I'll be all affected with myself and talking in a posh voice while I get used to the electric windows and ABS.
Knowing me I'll crash the fecker on the way home from the garage.
Anyway, will update more tomorrow when I'm not so utterly knackered but sorry for leaving y'all hanging.
If you want something worth reading, nip over to Keris' blog where she is posting gorgeous pictures of dream houses. She is also sharing my obsession with that new choir show on BBC One - and indeed the renditions of Shackles by two of the choirs. I agree with all she has said, so you might as well just read her stuff as my ability to form coherent sentences is fecked.

~Oh, and the OCD is back. Watching Big Brother tonight my only thought was "If I lived there, I would HAVE to clean that luxury bedroom." How do they live like that?

*Only very mild exaggeration, promise!

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