Saturday, July 12, 2008

Remember, remember the 12 of July

It's all gone very quiet round these here parts today.
The reason is that it is the 12th of July and official marching day of the Orange Order and public holiday largely celebrated by the Unionist community.
I don't like the 12th of July and there are reasons thus.
Everything closes down - even shops which only ever close on Christmas Day. They do this in case there is "trouble".
Which brings me to the second reason I don't like the 12th of July - sometimes there is trouble. Now there hasn't been trouble in a couple of years close to where I live - or at least the trouble there has been has been relatively low key. (Few burnt out cars, wee fecking hoods pegging stones).
But it's just the whole old fashioned, bigotry fired, flag waving, triumphalism of it all that really gets on my tits.
Yes, I get that a community has a right to celebrate dates which are important to them but this does, from my perspective, feel intimidating. The bang of the drum, the flying of the flag, the wee hoods (from both side of the community, I hasten to add) stood out in their respective Celtic or Rangers tops waiting for trouble.
The marching season is what reminds me that Northern Ireland really hasn't moved on that far at all.

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Anonymous said...

I feel exactly that just from watching it all on TV - I dread to think what's it's like to be so up close and personal.

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