Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird dreams you have approaching a book launch...

Okay so the countdown is on to the release of my second book which is called FEELS LIKE MAYBE and is really, really very good.
The official release date, according to Amazon in August 25 - with it filtering out to the shops in the week after that.

As with al great events in life once you start thinking about something a lot you start to have weird dreams about it.
Last night I dreamt Feels Like Maybe was launched in Villa Martin, Spain. The cast of Emmerdale (which I don't even watch) were there as guests of honour and Paula Campbell (Poolbeg boss lady and supermum) presented me with one of those toy rings you buy in the chemist for 99p as a thank you for my hard work. Oh, and she gave me a copy of my book signed by the local priest.
Now if that isn't an indication of just how fecked up my mind is, then I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! You're doing great by the sounds of it! ;o)
Can't wait to get hold of the new book - signed please? ;o)

Fionnuala said...

Love the 99p ring! For all your hard work! Fx

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