Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Right - back to business

I've just had two weeks off work. Not a fun kind of two weeks mind - two weeks of sick leave where I've been lying on the sofa watching Sex and the City and Doris Day movies which, admittedly, sounds kind of fun.
But I've also been sick and on proper doctor's orders to rest up and everything.
So yes, the blogging has suffered (says you, "It has suffered for the last month. You fly by night blogger who is no longer reliable") and for that I apologise. But I'm back at work today - feeling a little shaky and a little nervous and wondering how I'm going to manage without my mid afternoon snooze on the sofa.
I'm also back to the business of writing.
Book three - c'est finis in first draft form but now I'm hitting the rewrites already before submitting and I'm also starting book four.
Now what I need is a really kooky name for my MC in book four. I would have gone with Lola but Marian Keyes has done that already in 'This Charming Man' but I need something young, funky, vibrant and that would suit a 31 year old control freak.
Answers on a postcard - or blog comment below!


Fionnuala said...

Pocahontas O'Reilly??!
Seriously, what about,

Lula - from Tallulah which means leaping water in the Native Indian world.It's sort of like Lola without being the same and its definitley kooky! Also my ickle brother used to call me this becasue he couldn't say my name. Fx

Donna said...

I love Doris Day movies. Love.Love.Love.

Hmmm, funky, vibrant, etc... name for thirty-year old control freak? How about Chloe, or Zoe, or Kendra ... um, that's all I got for now.

Claire said...

Hmmm, I like Lulah but it might be too close to Lola and ya know i'll get that old "copycat" thing slung at me again.
Chloe could also work... But I'm thinking more of an Irishy style name.

Anonymous said...

What about Katy ... and then later when she falls apart you can blame it on her parents who christened her Catherine (see where I'm going with this?!) and never called her that!
Seriously, I actually like .... KATY! Or Eimear perhaps, if you're lookig for an Irish styley one? Or maybe Brenna - it has that kooky feel you're after?Anyways, that's my lot! Catherine xx

Anonymous said...

How about one of these


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