Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buy one... get one free

As a (weak) apology for not posting so much lately, here's a wee meme, stolen from Penelope.
I thought it was a leetle bit different.

I want to: take a deep breath, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative
I want to make a difference to people I care about.
I want to think: a bit like Pollyanna and not always expect the worst.
I want to learn: all the words to 'American Pie' without having to use makey up words half way through.
I want to see: my dreams come true
I want to try: ski-ing, at some stage
I want to tell: the world my secret, which is apparantly the worst kept secret ever as my brother's ex guessed it and I've not seen her in about seven years!
I want to touch: the cool fresh sheets on my bed and have a wee sleep
I want to smell: nothing. I am nauseated.
I want to feel: as confidant as I make people think I am. (and I stole that answer from Penelope as it is just the same as mine)
I want to stop: worrying all the time.
I want to let go of: the paranoia which gets on my proverbials.


Fionnuala said...

Great meme. Of course I'll nick it some day when you're not looking. Now, completely unrealted but how did you fill in your box to say JIP all done - is it something in the html thingymajig? Fx

Claire said...

It was simply a matter of footering with the html and changing the widths to 100% and 0% and then changing the text to say All Done.

In other words... not quite sure.

Donna said...

I really do like this meme.

So, are you going to spill your secret any time soon or do people have to start guessing?

Claire said...

Secret will be spilled really soon - promise.

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