Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It obviously a men in white coats kind of thing...

A while back I developed a rather unhealthy obsession with Dr Wilson from House aka Robert Sean Leonard. Now I've never found RSL attractive before - not even as a teenager when everyone and I mean EVERYONE in my class in an all girl convent school was mad about him after 'Dead Poet's Society' - but there is something about his deadpan humour against Hugh Laurie's devine House which makes me go weak at the knees.

Now for a long time I was fine with it - me and Wilson were getting along quite fine in our little fantasy world.

But now, House isn't on anymore on Channel 5 and my obsession has moved on. Now I'm a little late to the show with this one, but Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy is just divine.

I don't even mind watching Enchanted for the jillionth time (and it is a good film) just for that little scene where he makes Giselle angry and he's wearing a bathrobe and his chest hair is just peaking over... swoon.

How come every time I go to the hospital locally though, the doctors are not a bit as sexy?

Seems it's just not fair - but then again must remind myself that RSL and Patrick Dempsey are not actually real doctors but actors.

Although if they were real doctors there is a very high chance I would be a bigger hypochrondiac than I am already.


Fionnuala said...

I have yet to meet a fanciable doctor! They have over my life to date ranged from bloody ugly to downright rude and bloody ugly. And dont you find that in real life their coats are never white. They're that dirty overwashed grey, more like a mac really. Oh dear.

Evie said...

Personally, I don't swoon over McDreamy. George does it for me. ;oD

Donna said...

Yeah, those at our hospital are old and grumpy - yeah, not a big turn on.

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