Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer, summer where for art thou summer?

It's raining again, but I've developed a bizarre stubborness against it.

I REFUSE to wear a coat. It's very childish and not at all helfpful but damn it, it's July. I reserve the right to leave my jacket in the car even if it does mean I'm walking into the office like a drowned rat.

My hair, which was cut and then straightened beautifully on Saturday has now gone into a poodle head formation not unlike that sported by Gail Platt in Coronation Street.

My feet, in my new silver pumps designed not to send me running for the chiropractor every three seconds, are saturated and squish when I walk.
It's JULY people. JULY. Just a dry day! It doesn't have to be particularly warm. It doesn't have to be hot. But for the love of God people can we get some dry? Just a little?


Donna said...

You show that weather!
It's been raining here, too, but we didn't have enough rain last year so I'm okay with it. Besides, I actually like rainy weather.
I know, I'm a sad person.

Anonymous said...

It's been gorgeous here today but we're getting your rain from tomorrow until the end of the week if that makes you feel better?
Bloody weather!!

Fionnuala said...

LOL at the Gail Platt comment! Just wanted you to know I'm still popping in every day. Its cold here too. Due to rain this afternoon, better not - have cleared the decks to be a tennis buff this pm. F

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