Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bizarre places you get your fashion inspiration

Okay, I'm a tacky magazine addict. I like to read my Take a Break (Tik a Brik) every week. It's trashy but it takes little effort when I've no energy for diving into a novel.
So anyway I'm flicking through Tik a Brik last night and come across a picture of a lady wearing a lovely purple dress with even lovelier purple knee high boots.
"Hmmm," I think, "I like that. I'd love something just like that for my book signing. If not the dress, then definitely the boots. Oh yes, I love the boots."
So I glance up and notice that the outfit of my coveting is from an ad for Always Envive - which for the non initiated are basically incontinence pads. (Or aids for bladder sensitivity, if we are being pc).
Which leaves me with two problems. The first is that I am no further forward as to where the boots can be purchased from. Should I therefore email Always not about their fine feminine hygiene products but about their ads and ask them nicely where I can get the boots? Would that make me look slightly insane?
The second problem of course if that if I tracked down the boots, and the dress, and dared to wear them would people look at me and say "She's the Always Envive girl. She has bladder weakness! Ha ha ha!"
You can see my dilemma.

It is just so typical of me to be excited by outfits designed to promote people who leak urine.


Fionnuala said...

LOL! Post a piccie and I'll see if Kate knows where they're from? Fx

Donna said...

bwahahaha - thanks for the laugh. With you, not at you - never ...

Claire said...

I can't trace a piccie Fionnuala, but find any cheap and nasty magazine and there they are.
The purple boots of dreams.

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