Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things that make you smile...

Picked up my phone in work today to the following message left by the husband and the boy last night.

"Hello Mummy!"
"Leave a message for mummy. It's an answering machine. Say something nice."
"Mummy, I love you."
"Say something else.
"Good mummy. Great mummy. You're the best."
"Okay, say goodbye."
"Bye mummy."
"Say you love her..."
"I love you so much, mummy. See you soon."

I particularly loved the "Good mummy, great mummy, you're the best".


Anonymous said...

Too adorable!! I'm lucky to get whole words, let alone sentences ;o)

Evie said...

Precious. When a child says things like this you know it comes from their heart. xx

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