Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good grief the comedian's my brother

My brother is a very funny guy. Seriously. A bit mad cap and not at all traditional, but very, very funny.
Anyway, he is the main writer for a group called 'Love the Concept' who are also all very funny.
So I'm sharing this moment with you, from their live show.
It's an Irish traditional rendition of MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.
It makes me snort in a very indignified manner!

(My brother is the eejit in the Val Doonican stylee jumper on the left, btw)


em said...

My 14 year old daughter is still laughing about this clip which shows that laughter is universal as we live in New Zealand and I really didn't think she'd get it! I read your blog every day, v. funny stuff.


Claire said...

Thanks Em,
I'll pass on your comments to my brother who will be utterly delighted.

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