Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So we have a start date

Yes, we've had to wait til the 19th of August to find out but today we have been told the boy will be starting big school on September 1.
We're just about all ready in terms of uniform, school bag (which I had to order from frickin' China (thanks to Ebay) because we just had to have a Ben 10 theme), hugely expensive proper school shoes.
The boy is excited. He just can't wait to see his wee friends from nursery again and to learn exciting things like reading and writing.
What I'm not ready for, however, is the emotional leap from having my gorgeous wee man to a big boy who goes to school.
I'm of course delighted that he is independent enough to make these first important steps, but part of me just feels emotional about it. Emotional and proud.

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Evie said...

You'll shed a tear on the day when he has the uniform on and is raring to go. I did, and still get teary on the first day each year! He'll be fine, no doubt. Remember;
You'll Handle It!

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