Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I think I'm going to call her Annie...

My new MC, that is.
I think it could work - although it's neither funky or Irish. It does however allow me to reference John Denver again which will keep my daddy happy.
The first chapter is forming nicely in my head - just have to do the actual physical work and write the damn thing.
Am hoping one of these days someone will invent some sort of brain reading machine which will allow you think your book and it magically appear on the screen.
However, I know that's likely to be hard - because my brain is a bit distracted generally and I'd probably get three lines of book, one line of random thought about dinner, one line about how Joseph is growing up, a weird thought about how my back/ legs/ tummy/ head is aching and then three more lines of book.
The edit might just kill me on that one.
(And of course I'm not avoiding the edit on Book 3 by thinking of Book 4... not at all).


DrSpouse said...

I was going to suggest Katie. But I would... but then it does have some Irish links, and is roughly age-appropriate (I'm a bit older than your MC but there are lots of Katies a few years younger than me).

Fionnuala said...

I love Annie. I have a sister (Irish) who is Marianne but has always been known as Annie. I approve!

I also have sisters, Shelley (Michele) Cokes (Cora) and Mags (Margaret). How comes I got Fionnuala eh?

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