Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm disturbed, very disturbed...

Now, dear friends, we've spoken at length before about my fear of fish.

They scare me. They make me feel uncomfortable. They make me feel, sorry dear fishy friends, rather nauseous.

And just when I thought I could not feel any less inclined towards fish, my lovely friend Keris sent me a picture of these "beauties".

No, they aren't a joke. They are from designer Christian Leuboutin - ya know a proper fashion designer person.

Now they disturb me on many levels - not most of all because they have eyes and shoes should not have eyes. There is no need for eyes on anyone's shoes - unless you are four and have froggy wellie boots*

The second way they disturb is that wearing them would involved putting my foot inside a fish. This is something I have nightmares about. And yes I know it's not a real fish, but it might as well be. Just thinking about wee fish teeth clamping themselves around my toes makes me feel weak.

So no, Carrie Bradshaw is welcome to these bad boys.

*And yes, the boy had a froggy wellies.


Keris said...

You have nightmares about putting your foot inside a fish? And I thought *I* was weird... ;)

Evie said...

They are quite disturbing!!
You know my adversion to fish as well, but I can't help but love the Fishbone Sandal as worn by Samantha in the SATC movie... the sushi I could give a miss though!!

Michelle said...

Uuuuurgh. I loathe fish too. That shoe has just made my stomach flip. Revolting.

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