Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Watch - 6 weeks and 6 days left

Of course, she could come early. Or late. Or on time.

But here is the stomach - huge! Hard to believe someone told me just three days ago they didn't realise I was pregnant. If my stomach was normally this size, I would be seriously worried.

Anyway - I saw my consultant today and everything is just hunky dory. Baby is facing the appropriate exit - is well down and ready for action and weighing a perfectly average 4.5lbs or thereabouts at the moment.

Seems a bit mad to think that she is so near to being here.
And yet I'm utterly freaked out at the thought of pushing a 7.5lb/ 8lbs (the current estimate for her weight) baby out of my fandango.


Fionnuala said...

You look fab! Forget the fandango bits - mere details thatyou should only think about when the accompanying screams threaten. Fx

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Oh ~ how beautiful you are!!! My daughter-in-love feels the very same way, as if she is huge. But it looks like you are all baby!!!

Is March 9 still the target? It's getting very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Aww you look gorgeous!!
You are about the stage I was when I had Lil Miss P (34 weeks) and she already weighed 5lb 2oz! I was told if I had gone all the way she would have been 10lbs! I'm jolly glad she didn't and I highly reccommend an epidural ;o)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! xx

FIONA said...

You look fantastic hun. Don't beleive everything they tell you. I was told Ryan would be long legged, but he's not he's quite the opposite.xx

Jools said...

Claire, you look absolutely amazing!! Hope all is going well!! You're blooming marvelous!!

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