Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lunchtime Blog - things to try not to do in work

Without saying too much about the circumstances of the why and wherefore I cried today in work.
In front of the big boss.
Like a big eejit.
I seem to be crying a lot at the minute - damn hormones - but generally I reserve it for alone time (the car, over the ironing board, when I go to bed). Some times they are happy tears - I'm so utterly, utterly in love with my son it overwhelms me. I'm so proud of my hubby it amazes me. And I'm so blessed to be getting a gorgeous baby girl that it sometimes spills over into snottery sobs. (Of course, she might not be gorgeous. She might be icky. Joseph is seriously worried about the fact she might have some blood on her when she is born - something I'm not prepared for myself as Joseph was clean as a whistle when he arrived. My claim to fame - a hygienically clean uterus and cervix....)
Other times the weight of the world feels as if it sat on my shoulders (right beside the wee devil who tells me to eat chocolate even though it is guaranteed to make me feel horrendously sick. I don't need to mention what is happening with the economy in any great detail to know it is taking it's toll on all of us.
I'm also very, very scared of labour and delivery even though I know I've done it (and survived it) before. Note to self - must stop reading Take a Break magazine and tales of women conking it in childbirth, or worse, their babies conking it. NOT GOOD for my mental health).

And then there are times when I just need a good cry. I just wish those times didn't come in the middle of a meeting with my bosses.

As Aoife would say in 'Feels Like Maybe' - when they write the story of my life that episode will be filed under "Not Her Finest Moment".


Sarah said...

Pregnancy is terrible for tears, isn't it?!
Did you manage to redeem yourself with a dignified exit?


Claire said...

Sadly not - I muffled excuse me - sobbed my way out of the room.
But did manage to compose myself enough to come back and act relatively sane for the rest of the meeting.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Oh, Claire. You are going through such natural emotions right now. I just loved this post, though I don't love what you are going through.

It's just wonderful to read of your pride in hubby and love for son ~ and the anticipation over a baby girl. How precious is that.

Stickhead said...

Don't worry about the crying - it is part of being a mother I think - I cry ALL the time but I don't mind - it's just I'm more free with my emotions and don't mind letting it all out. I hardly ever cried before I had Alex!

Every journey through labour and birth is different - you got through a very difficult labour before and this time I'm hoping that you have a much easier time of it. Hang on in there!

Lots of love,

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