Friday, January 16, 2009

Recipe for relaxation

I'm tired tonight - it's been one of those days when I've not had a moment of not feeling tired. Woke stupidly early and couldn't get back to sleep because I knew I had to be at the Midwife early and had to shower etc beforehand.
Saw the midwife (after very narrowly avoiding crashing my car in a dodgy reverse park incident) and baby is just fine. Midwife was a little odd with me though - although that could be down to my general state of paranoia of late. Wee had some protein in, so it's been sent off for testing but good news is baby is no longer breach and it has been her head bouncing off my pelvic bone which has been making me so damn uncomfortable all week.
Left the midwife and went to pick up a parcel of baby clothes from the Post Office which a lovely online friend had sent me - then waddled over to the local pram shop to buy a new crib mattress and a mirror for our car so that I'll be able to see the baby when I'm driving.
Then it was up to the Early Learning Centre with Joseph so he could spend the gift voucher his granny got him for Christmas. We stopped off in a cafe for a drink and a slice of carrot cake after and I felt distinctly happy.
Then Joseph managed to morph in the grumpiest child in the world, I morphed into the grumpiest mammy ever and by the time we got home at lunch time my darling husband got it both barrels. (Esp when he nearly had a stroke thinking I'd bought all the packaged baby clothes new...)
I lay down for an hour (I do love my husband, honest... he puts up with a lot) and then went to pick my older sister up from work and then we went to get some cellular blankets for the baby. I've no idea why cellular blankets are so important but I felt as if I would be committing some big parenting sin by not having any. So thanks to the house of value that is Matalan, I'm now stocked up.
We then visited my other sister and my baby nephew - who is exceptionally very cute but all exceptionally very bokey. Me and him are a match made in heaven.
By that stage I had promised Joseph we would rent a DVD and go home for cuddle on the sofa - but my temper was not fit for trying to park in the supermarket car park beside the DVD shop. And when Joseph insisted on not listening, or indeed doing the exact opposite of what I wanted I kind of lost the run of myself.
I was standing at one end of the DVD shop, him at the other calling "Mummy!" but each time I answered he would forget what he wanted to say. At the same time a (I can only assume equally harassed) mother tutted in my direction that she couldn't concentrate with all the noise and stomped off (and I prided myself very much in not spearing her with a stray DVD case as she went...)
Then (and God only knows why) we decided to go into Tesco to get some treats to eat while we watched our DVD. Big. Mistake. Huge.
We'll not talk about it but by the time we left I'm sure I was known as the biggest screaming harpee in Derry.
Got home, plonked the boy in front of a DVD - me being too wound up for family viewing - and I set about the housework.

But I'm all set now - once the boy is in bed I have a copy of "27 Dresses" to watch. I have a bottle of Caffeine Free Diet Coke chilling (I know... I live on the edge) and I have a box of Pringles and a tub of cheesy dip. If I can manage to stay awake it might just be a nice evening. And, when it is all done, and thanks to my cleaning frenzy, I can slip between some fresh bed linen for a decent sleep.


bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

What is a 'cellular blanket'???

Oh, and I loved '27 Dresses'. Even Hubby Man liked it though he griped beforehand calling it a 'chick flick' ~ but he actually enjoyed it.

Keris Stainton said...

"a mirror for our car so that I'll be able to see the baby when I'm driving."

Oh for heaven's sake - I thought I'd got everything!

Haven't bothered with cellular blankets (got em last time, hardly used em), but I've bought a load of muslins. Didn't see what was so special before I had H, but used them for everything!

Claire said...

A cellular blanket is a wee blanket with tiny holes in it and an absolute must have in the parenting bibles here.
I did have some for the boy but have loaned them out/ given them away over the years.
I'll be using gro-bags when she is bigger but need the cellulars for the pram and when she is very ickle.

Muslins are a life saver!! Joseph boked a lot (takes after his mummy) so we went through them at an amazing rate. Have three packed in my hospital bag already!

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Could you post a picture of a cellular blanket? Is it a crocheted blanket? I MUST know about it!

Also, do you have the stretchy type blanket that literally binds the baby bundle up...a wrap around blankee that makes baby feel secure? They are amazing. My daughter and daughter-in-love absolutely will not be mommies without them.

Also, are midwives common there? Here, they are growing in popularity ~ but most do not use midwives. Daughter did with her 3rd. Only way she could have baby naturally after having two c-sections.

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