Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't mention the war.... or the book

Okay so I'm supposed to update on my writing progress today...
Supposed to, being the key words.
So anyway - did you see Relocation, Relocation, Relocation last night? I just caught a little of it - but how high maintenance was yer woman?
And isn't Phil thingummy just lovely. I wish he was my husband.
Loads of Braxton Hicks last night - and bizarre dreams about living in my old rented house.
I seem to be dreaming about houses past a lot recently - wonder what that means? Searching for a more secure time in my past perhaps?
In recent weeks I've dreamed of my old student digs (aka The Brown house - the carpets were brown, the curtains brown, the woodwork brown, the furniture brown etc). It was a lovely - if exceptionally basic and very cold house which we were pretty sure was haunted, but they were really, insanely happy days. There was friendship, song, drink and more drink, dancing and more dancing and a bit of studying.
And then I dreamt of my grandparents house - most notably their back garden - the scene of many a happy childhood adventure. Yes, so the dream was weird in that suddenly their garden morphed into the City Walls here in Derry... but it was a lovely dream all the same.
And then last night I dreamt we were back living in the house we (meaning me, my sister and my then fiance) rented when I first started working in the Derry Journal. It was a lovely house - with a very steep driveway - and we were poor but happy.
All definitions welcome...
And as for the book... well.... erm.... I'll chat tomorrow.


Fionnuala said...

Stop dreaming abour houses past and present and get writing! Imagine you have a glass of vino in your hand....not long now! Fx

bfs said...

Hmmmmmmm ...... some report there, my Irish girlfriend!!!

Gillian McDade said...

I laughed at Relocation too!! And I remember your student house Claire - it was indeed a little on the chilly side. Brrrr

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