Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The highlight of my day

In just about 30 minutes I will leave my workplace.

I will get in my car and drive through the rush hour traffic.

I will stop at my aunt's house and knock on her door and her mad dog will bark at me when she answers.

I will walk into living room and this face will greet me.

And he will probably give me a smile and a kiss. If I'm lucky he'll tell me he loves me. I'm guaranteed that this particularly affectionate child will tell me he loves me at least once before he goes to bed. (He'll prob throw a fit at the thought of going to bed too. He's not perfect. We get daily cries of "But aaaaammmm plllaaaayyyiiiiiiiinnnng" and "Fine then!" etc)

All I know is that no matter how long the day, no matter how stressful the events, no matter how much there is to do or much I feel battered from the inside, a hug from my son makes it worthwhile.

I will never tire of that first smile at the end of the day.


Irish Mammy said...

He is very cute!! I know what you mean it makes it all worth while! Best of luck with the birth, a boy and a girl, how nice!

Irish Mammy

Anonymous said...

He is growing up so fast! he really looks so much like you too :o)
Enjoy it - he'll be 15 before you know it *sobs*

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

What a beautiful little face!!!

When do you have to STOP driving? Have you made all the plans for "if it happens at this time, ___ will be here and ___ will be there."

Talking with my daughter-in-love tonight (due same day as you) we're starting to 'prepare'. She didn't think she could/should call me at work ~ but I think she gets the full picture now!

I'm on BABY WATCH, and she can call any time of day or night!! And she can direct me to keep the 2 and 4 year old -- or go to the hospital.

Stressful enough time for her! Her hubby/our son finds out Friday if he is laid off. Also, her father has leukemia. Life isn't always fair, is it?

And I totally understand the comfort you must feel when you pick that little doll babe up in the afternoons! ;-) Adorable.

Fionnuala said...

He is adorable and he has an adorable Mammy. Fx

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