Sunday, January 18, 2009

For Mimi - here's what a cellular blanket looks like...

I don't know why these blankets are held in such high esteem but you can't look at a "What you need for your baby" list here without a mention of them.

Thing is they tend to be quite starchy and not all that comfortable from my experience.

I've only got a couple this time - for the pram and crib. Obviously a baby would look a little daft stuck in a sleeping bag in her pram.

And yes I do have swaddle wraps too (donated by my sister) so I'll be giving them a go.

And to further answer Mimi's questions - yes round here the majority of our ante-natal care is carried out by midwives and it will be a midwife who will deliver the baby unless there are complications. I do have a consultant who oversees my care - but I've yet to actually meet him and I only saw him once during my pregnancy with the boy. I don't mind, to be honest, I feel much more comfortable with a woman looking at my nethers than a man (even though I know he has seen it all 100 times before - not my nethers, obviously).

Well today my little pregnancy ticker doodah says 50 days to go. Am having a feeling it won't be that long (wishful thinking, perhaps) but as I have morphed into a horrendously over emotional waddling weeble in the last few days I can but live in hope.

In non-pregnancy related news I learned last night that Feels Like Maybe will be released in paperback on May 28.

So post baby, I have approximately 10 weeks to get myself looking decent enough to meet my public and do the publicity trail. Not sure how I'm going to manage leaving a 10 week old for publicity - watch this space.


Keris Stainton said...

I spoke too soon! My aunty sent me two today :)

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Thanks so much for explaining the cellular blanket deal!!! And also, yes, a SWADDLING blanket is what I was trying to ask you about. Those are really amazing ~ the effect on the babyboo.

If you ever click on the pix of my daughter and me on my site, it'll take you to her blog, and there on her sidebar is "Brighton's story" - when she used a midwife.

In Nebraska where she lives, it is actually illegal to use a midwife, so when her water broke (and thank goodness her mama, I, didn't know what was happening!) ~ she and her hubby drove across two state lines in the snow to get to the midwife where she could try to deliver the baby VBA2C.

I met the midwife. Oh, my, what a strong and supportive help she was to our girl who delivered her 3rd at age 36.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

By the way, Hubby reminded me that here in USA, these are called 'thermal blankets' ...

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