Monday, January 05, 2009

Be prepared

So now I'm on a countdown. It's nine weeks today til my baby is due and while nine weeks is a long time (esp with the sickness and the increasing heartburn) it's not really all that long now, is it?
I mean, conceivably, this time nine weeks I could be holding a precious baby girl in my arms and dreading going for a pee in case it stings. Scary thoughts indeed.
The last few days I've had really strong braxton hicks contractions which have been a taster of what will come. I have freaked a few people out who I swear have thought I'm about to pop but I know as a second timer these contractions might be a little ouchy but they are nothing compared to the real deal. The real deal makes me swear. These just make me say "oweee" a couple of times.
Nonetheless the arrival of the braxton hicks (or branston pickles as I prefer to call them) have made me realise that I'm not all that prepared - or at least I wasn't until I went into a one woman shopping spree in Matalan, Babies R Us and Tesco at the weekend.
I have my oversized nighty for labour and the big pants for recovery afterwards (can't be coping with disposable knickers) and enough maternity towels to build a small tower. Nappies are bought, as are vests and a coat for the baby (pink, of course) and tonight I packed a hospital bag of sorts.
So I'm nearly there. If only they'd let me smuggle in a bottle of vodka to cope with the pain I'd be flying.

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bfs said...

9 weeks!!! You're getting close, as is my daughter-in-love!!!

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