Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Watch - 2 weeks and 2 days left

Yes, yes, I know last week I forgot to do the three weeks and three days left. I'm sorry. By the time I remembered it was well into this week and I was thinking I'd just leave it.
Possibly because several times this week I have wondered "Is this it?" as waves of pain have crashed through me and I've started to swear a little.
And no, obviously, it never was it. The baby just likes to burrow. And wriggle and squirm.
Of course each time I've felt "is this it?" I've also taken a mild fit of panic and wailing. I am, I admit, scared of the whole process. Natural, my foot.
And yet every night I'm giving birth in my dreams in a variety of weird and wonderful situations.
Last night I gave birth in an lecture room while three seperate operations were carried out around me and my hubby was at home because it was late and he was tired.
Anxiety? Just a little!

But birth issues aside, we are trying to get the nursery organised.This involves moving our spare double bed up to the boy's room for him to enjoy. He is very excited - and I'm very jealous. A whole double bed to himself... the thing of dreams! I can't imagine I'll get a bed to myself for a very long time. And while I like the comfort of someone else in bed with me, I also like the utter decadence of being able to stretch out and relax.

I am also feeling brave and may hang the pink curtains. I had been resisting in case, you know, she comes out with a wanger - but the nesting need is just too, too strong.

So that's it for 2 weeks and 2 days. When I think of those figures I freak out just ever so slightly. I imagine next week, when it is one week and one day I'll be even more skittish.
And when it gets to the stage that I'm 10 days overdue and looking down the barrel at a syntocin drip expect complete mayhem.
Fortunately for you, dear reader, they do not allow live blogging from the labour ward.


bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

I hope that you will feel up to posting pix of the nursery! With DIL close like you are, I am even skittish. Trying not to be.

All I can say is breathe deeply, focus outside of your box, and roar like a lion when your time comes.

Keris said...

'Fortunately for you, dear reader, they do not allow live blogging from the labour ward.'

are you sure about that? they did from mine!

Fionnuala said...

Why not. No live blogging whilst in labour! I think with your ability to multi task should be no problem....Fx

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