Saturday, February 07, 2009

Claire has left the building...

I walked out of the Derry Journal yesterday and, with the exception of a few meetings etc, don't expect to be back there for quite a long time.
Yes, maternity leave has arrived. My colleagues will no longer be subjected to me crying at the drop of a hat. My long suffering husband will now have that joy.
Well the plans for the next few weeks? Apart from lying over a birthing ball moaning I'll be editing 'Jumping in Puddles' to within an inch of its life and working hard on 'Ever After'.
I also have full intentions of watching the entire Sex and the City Collection.

And then, I might just give birth.
I'm looking forward to Sex and the City more - although I am looking forward to meeting my baby girl very much indeed.

Bizarre as it sounds though I will very much miss life in Derry Journal country. It ain't always easy (easier than pushing a baby out yer foof, admittedly) but I work with amazing colleagues and the banter is second to none. And of course hearing all the scandal first is brilliant for a nose bag like me.

I will still be submitting my weekly column so in the words of another famous N. Irish person "I've not gone away, you know" - but there are definitely interesting times ahead.

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bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Good for you!!! I just wish now that I could get my DIL to take a break. It scares me ~ the stuff she continues to do, with the 3rd due so soon.

You are important to me. So please keep blogging! Hafta keep up with your comings and goings.

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