Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 random things (for people who don't 'do' Facebook.

Here it is, 25 random facts about me...

1: I don't always react to to things immediately. Quite often I exude a certain calmness but that is more than likely catatonic shock. It always comes after though - generally when I least expect it.
2:Other times I react to things before they have happened. My work colleagues who have seen me cry on an almost daily basis recently will vouch for that.
3: When I was young I used to pray that God would make Princess Leia my best friend. I still kind of wish that God would answer that one.
4: I fully realise that most of the time I am a mardy, needy person and I apologise unreservedly for that.
5: I really do believe in the healing power of angels. But the song "Angels" by Sarah McLachlan makes me cry in a not nice way.
6: I love my car deeply and passionately (but not in that way which some people do were they actually physically 'love' their cars... ).
7: Quite often, when I'm driving, I get a woohoo feeling that I'm driving and feel grown up and important.
8: I sometimes get that woohoo feeling walking through bookshops and seeing my books. Although I have never moved them to the front of the shelves.
9: Sometimes I don't know who is the bigger child - my husband or my actual child. I know which one is easier to manage.
10: I do love my husband - despite that fact. But if I'm ever done for murder you can refer to the above point.
11: I am really rather behind on my fourth book. I'm blaming baby brain and work worries.
12: At 32 I still need my mammy to hold my hand when I go to the dentists.
13: I am mildly obsessive about not being able to leave unmade beds before I go to work in the morning. I will feel anxious about it all day and will have to make the bed first before getting into it again.
14: I think my brother is more talented than I'll ever be and I want him to get the recognition he deserves.
15: Sometimes I think I reveal too much to the good people of Derry in my weekly column.
16: I am currently obsessed with cornettos.
17: I have shoes in my wardrobe which I have never worn but will never throw away as they are just flipping pretty.
18: One day I WILL fit back into my wedding dress. I might be dead by then but I give you full permission to dig me up and dress me in it...
19: I have a mild obsession with David Walliams - even though I know he really is quite revolting.
20: I continue to have an obsession with Dermot Murnahan - it's the eyebrow I tell you.
21: Obsession also exists for Hugh Laurie but only in House - it's the sarky American drawl that does it.
22: There are very few people in life who would pick me out of a line up to be on their team.
23: I have no problem at all with taking anti-depressants.
24: I cannot sing. Not at all. Not even a little. I mime a lot though.
25: I crave a tidy house.

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bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

I think I love you!

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