Friday, February 20, 2009

I wrote!

And you know what, it really is sometimes just a case of what my fellow Derry writer Brian McGilloway says - sometimes you just have to sit down and fecking do it.
Sure my head has been mince (as my lovely VBF would say) the last few months but I have a book plotted and there in my head entirely and now I just have to fecking write the thing.
So this morning - no excuses. Even though I was in very bad form after a visit to the midwife (how can a midwife make me feel like an errant 2 year old just by looking at me over her specs?) I sat down and 1000 words of 'Ever After' poured out.
And you know what - there is nothing in it about poking pins into the arms of midwives or asking them to pee into ridiculously small plastic tubes while their stomach extends to the end of the bathroom or indeed weighing them and commenting on it. (For the record I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and have put on 2lbs the whole fecking pregnancy, so LEAVE ME ALONE).

Anyway - some of it, I think, was funny and I feel all proud of myself. I'm now going to cuddle my baby nephew for an hour and then get my gorgeous boy from school and then later I will just sit fecking down and writing some fecking more. So there.


bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Wait a minute! You have gained only 2 lbs???? Outrageous!! I won't be telling my DIL that!!!

Deborah Riccio said...

Blimey - two whole pounds?!!! I'd be really happy if that's all I put on in a month- and I'm not even pregnant!!!
(oh and well done for the thousand words BTW!)

Claire said...

In fairness that has been down to hyperemesis and not through choice/ any great luck.
With the boy I put on about 35 lbs!

And believe me I had enough spare padding there before anyway.

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