Friday, February 13, 2009

Ouiser's back...

I'm tired.
I'm uncomfortable.
Something keeps clicking in my pelvis in what I am convinced is a totally unnatural way. (Transfomers, baby in disguise)
I feel as if I might burst into tears at a drop of a hat.
I'm catastrophising like a good 'un (what if? what if? what if?)
I feel like I'm letting my son down by being a grumpy fecker.
I didn't write yesterday.
I have been having mild but fairly regular pains since last night - not getting any worse so I think it's just one-of-those-things
I dreamt that my husband dug up our garden last night and that filled me with rage even though it was only a dream as I love our garden. He couldn't quite understand my off-handedness this morning.
I am exceptionally, very, over the top-ly grump.


Anonymous said...

You're on the home straight honey! Hang in there ;o)

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

I'm shocked at my DIL. They called and asked if they could bring hamburgers by tonight (do you have those in Ireland?) because they'd just been to the 'Rec' Center and had all been swimming in the indoor pool there ~~ yes, the pregnant one due on your day, hubby and 2- and 4-year old boys. How does she do that??? From where does her energy spring?

I had big-time Braxton-Hicks (spelling?) contractions. Doctor said either to walk, or to lie down with feet propped up on a wall to get them to stop. If they didn't stop, it was the real deal.

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