Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting for Bam Bam...

Early in this pregnancy Joseph decided the baby in mummy's tummy would be referred to as Bam Bam. Even when we found out she was a she (and now that I have a pink festooned nursery I'm hoping they were right) he still insisted on Bam Bam - there was no change to Pebbles.
Now, however, he refers to her by her chosen name (which I will reveal here when she is born as even though my close friends and family know it I wanted to save at least one surprise for blog readers!). And yet part of me will always think of her as Bam Bam and at the moment, we are waiting for her - patiently.
A few weeks ago Keris lent me a copy of 'Waiting for Birdy' a collection of columns and musings by American writer Catherine Newman who wrote during her second pregnancy and early months of her second child's life.
This book has been my best friend these last few days and weeks. Because Catherine Newman knows exactly how I feel. She knows that while I'm very excited about our new arrival - I'm very nervous about the impact it will have on our existing child.
She knows what it is like to try and balance pregnancy with real life mega worries and try to stay sane. She knows what it is like to feel like death warmed up. And she knows how to make me smile and stay relatively positive.
She has given me hope it will be okay. (As indeed, I have to say, has Keris who is managing beautifully with her second baby at the moment...)

I fully intend to share some of her pearls of wisdom in the coming weeks - but if you are a mother, or a father, or a sister or a human then I recommend you read this book. You won't regret it.


♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I will look forward to hearing some of those pearls!

I may have already told you this, but 33 years ago, a wise friend shared some good advice. She suggested that the 'new' baby send a small gift home from the hospital each day. (Shhhhh ..... don't tell my daughter...she still thinks her new baby brother was sending the gifts...)

Anyway, it was a thrill for her, at age 3, to get a little present from the new baby. She could hardly wait to meet him!!!

Every little thing helps in the matters of 'adjustment.' I am positive that Joseph will take on that protective big brother role in a flash!!!

Irish Mammy said...

Best of luck!! Can't wait to read the update! I heard as well that when the first baby - Joseph comes in you should not be holding the new baby. That Joseph should be your sole focus and Joseph should notice the new baby.
My junior thinks he also has a baby in his belly!

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