Saturday, May 09, 2009

Eight Things...

I'm delighted to have been tagged by the lovely Sharon McPherson for this 8 things doodah... all pretty self explanatory so here goes...

Eight Things I Like...
  • My family - especially the little ones and that includes my niece and nephew. But perhaps that is a little predictable.
  • White Wine - current wine of choice being a nice Pinot Grigio but sadly cannot think of it without hearing David Hasselhoff say the name of said wine after strange Scott Mills on Radio One type jokey thing a while back.
  • Sleep - except I don't just like sleep. I LOVE sleep. I am also a very vivid dreamer and I get very excited about my dreams. Although hate the recurring 'house is falling down around my ears'/ remember I've not cancelled the lease on my student flat / trying to pack in three minutes dreams.
  • Chinese spare ribs - guess what I'm eating right now?
  • Work - strange as it may sound. We have great banter in the office and I am missing it a lot while on maternity leave.
  • Writing - although it is more of a compulsion than a like.
  • T'interweb. I would be lost without it and I would not have made some of the nicest friends in the universe.
  • Good books - by the likes of Marian Keyes, Sharon Owens, Kate Long and many others.

Eight things I did yesterday

  • Took the wee woman for her first immunisations and comforted her as she looked at me with a kind of "why mammy why?" look on her face.
  • Picked the boy up from school and took him to get petrol - tres exciting.
  • Returned to the school to pick up my niece and had an argument with the lollipop man - yes, really. I was late and hot and bothered and he was being an ignorant fecker with no understanding of my hormonal rage. He won the argument but I seethed the rest of the day. Not my finest hour.
  • Watched the boy play Mario Kart on the Wii - he is addicted.
  • Had my tea in my lovely mammy's house - mammy chips - woohoo!
  • Came home and set about the edit - changed one aspect of the storyline.
  • Emailed my editor about use of the name Chewbacca in book 4 -yes, really.
  • Became mildly addicted to the "Five things" application on Facebook.

Eight things I wish I could do

  • Fly, right up the sky, but I can't...
  • Get a UK book deal, or indeed any book deal outside of Ireland even though I love the lovely people at Poolbeg with all my heart. I long to see "Feck" translated into French. (La Feck?)
  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Fix my crooked smile - preferably without the aid of expensive and more importantly painful dental work.
  • Ban the phrase "Credit Crunch" from newspapers and media outlets.
  • Know what the baby means when she says "Aaaaah na, dee dee, gooo aaah"
  • Know whether or not my car will pass the MOT on Monday before I send it down there.
  • Share a glass with my VBF just about now.

Eight things I don't like

  • People who don't indicate. I've even made up a song - honest.
  • Editing books - love the writing, hate seeing all my mistakes glaring up at me.
  • The baby's uncanny ability to start to cry as soon as I sit down to eat/ go to the loo or anything which requires the ability to use my arms.
  • Being pregnant - seriously I'm very crap at it and no use to anyone for the whole of the nine months.
  • Depression - nuff said. Don't want to get all Saturday night maudlin on youse all.
  • The fact that chocolate contains calories and generally lots of 'em.
  • Saying goodbye.
  • Jimmy Carr. He is a pain in the arse.

And now. I pass on this wonderful chalice to these talented bloggers...

Irish Mammy, Stickhead, Keris, Fionnuala, Pierre - Mon Frere and Emily.

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Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Thanks for taking the tag challenge :) Great answers.

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