Friday, May 22, 2009

Fecking brilliant!

Thank you for all responses to the FLM giveaway. I'll post the results tonight or tomorrow (want to give 'Journal' readers a fair shout).
You have all cheered me up no end and I've had a good laugh (in a really childish way) that I've made so many people say the acceptable swear word. (Yes, I am THAT immature!).

To clarify things, this is the paperback (Small format) edition of Feels Like Maybe which is due for release shortly. (Note lovely purple cover and fancy dan review quotes..)

Book three - Jumping in Puddles - is due for release at the end of September/ start of October and I hope to do a giveaway then too. In fact I may even do a triple whammy then and give away my back catalogue!

Anyway - check in on Saturday for definite results to the giveaway and thank you again.

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