Sunday, May 31, 2009

So anyway, the last few days...

Thanks for the good wishes for Cara and all the prayers. It has been a hard few days - perhaps the scariest of my life - but I'm pleased to report she is home and well, if a little failed by her experience.
Things started on Monday when she developed a cold. That got worse on Tuesday so we skipped baby massage and by that evening her eyes were streaming and she was really rather miserable. She barely slept that night and was still wretched looking on Wednesday.
At around 12 noon she started crying and could not be settled. It was a high pitched roar and you can imagine that I started to worry.
That worry was made worse when I noticed a purple rash on her legs when changing her. I, like a complete loon, screamed at my husband to bring me a glass which he did and when I put it to her skin the rash didn't blanche.
At this stage I was trying to remain calm but feeling more than a little hysterical.
Thankfully our wonderful doctors agreed to see us straight away and he agreed with me that there was indeed a rash and it wasn't going away under pressure so we were sent straight to hospital.
Three days later, three doses of high strength antibiotics, blood tests and all sorts and she is home and fine. It wasn't meningitis, thank God, ut some viral infection. But my heart was in my mouth for the first 48 hours.
The main thing is my baby is home, and I am blessed beyond words.


katy24286 said...

That's wonderful, so pleased she is safe and sound. Enjoy her! x

Gherkin said...

Great news!

Gherkin x

Bernardeena said...

So glad she is home again and well. Must of been so scary for you.

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

How frightening! I'm thankful with you that she is okay, Claire.

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