Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grouchy? Just a little

It's the carb withdrawal, and the chocolate withdrawal.
I swear should I find a stray chocolate button anywhere I will eat it - even if it is covered in fluff and dirt.
But I do feel less bloated already.

I did catch an unflattering glimpse of myself earlier. I was out with the wee woman - who was safely ensconsed in her BabaSling and we were in a lift. As I looked down to check on her I caught the sight of my quadruple chins in the mirror of the lift.
Oh yes, this diet is well timed.

I've even managed to persuade the husband to eat well with me - although I dare not refer to it as a diet in his presence. Men don't diet. They "cut down". He is wandering about like a lost puppy, almost whimpering with sadness when I hand him his diet (sorry, cutting down) sized portions - which are are still twice the size of the portions I'm eating myself!

I think I may have to erect CCTV by the fridge to check he isn't cheating!


Fionnuala Kearney said...

Look into my eyes. I have maltesers. Look into my eyes. You hate maltesers. x

Keris said...

Jarvis Cocker said the secret of a happy life is never to look at yourself in the mirror in a lift. Or something like that. Wise words anyway.

Chicklit Addict said...

Just discovered your blog and it's fab! Although now I'm craving choc buttons....

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