Sunday, May 10, 2009

You know when you see a picture of yourself...

... and you thought you had looked quite good - and it comes as a shock that you actually looked a little eeny bit like Jabba The Hut?
And you want to cry?
Or eat chocolate?
Or cry while eating chocolate?

Well that happened today - just now. A super-de-dooper fat pic of me at the wee woman's christening which was very unflattering and showed off the fact that, seriously, I don't even have a chin. I'm just mouth and neck. Swear.
And it's a fat neck.

Anyway, I'm dieting again. As of the morning. A low GI approach.
Wish me luck. But if I'm really, really crabby the next few days/ weeks you will at least know why.

1 comment:

Helen said...

Keris linked to your blog today (the 8 things meme where I have discovered you would like to be able to fly too!) and I just had to comment to your post and say YES, I've had a day like this today. And yesterday. And the day before.

I must do something about it.

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