Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The grey eyebrow hair and my early 30s crisis

As I looked in the mirror yesterday morning. I saw it. It was as if it jumped out from the rest of my face and became the biggest eyebrow hair in the world - ever.
And it was grey.
Now I've made my peace, relatively speaking, with the ageing process. It is a Davidson woman curse that by the time we hit our mid 30s we have a fantabulous smattering of grey among our fading hues of brown and blonde. Til recently my greys were kept at bay with a bi-monthly trip to the hairdressers for a date with my good friend Mr. Peroxide.
Earlier this year I decided to go natural again - but of course when I saw natural I mean ala Clairol Nice 'N' Easy and not actually the grey badger stripes coming off my temples.
I thought I had this whole thing licked. I thought I was well sorted and in the groove and with a healthy dose of anti-ageing wrinkle cream I figured I could stave off mother nature.
But what does one do about grey eyebrow hairs? (Apart from plucking the bejaysus out of them).
I am deeply traumatised.

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Anonymous said...

Wow..I came across this as I was researching solutions (if any) to a very similar problem. This certainly rings a bell over at my end!

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