Monday, March 24, 2008


And behold the most gorgeous flowers your eyes have ever seen!*
They were presented to me on Saturday night at a surprise party in my honour and were sent by Poolbeg (the lovely people - forget "Irish for Bestsellers", their new catchline really should be "The Lovely People" - a bit like Curleys - The Friendly Store) to celebrate the success of RD&T (13,000 copies... and counting!).

I was taken for dinner by my parents on Saturday night after a fairly decent amount of griping on my behalf that I'd done so well and not been bought so much as a KFC bargain bucket for my troubles.
So, no bargain buckets in sight, we went to Quay West for a very lovely dinner where I ate too much and drank even more because, you know, I was planning on coming home and falling into a coma like state on the sofa in front of Casualdraw**
So stuffed to the gills with Tobacco Onions (the food that keeps on giving, as my burps all night proved) we returned to my mum's to pick up the boy and head home.
And this is where I got suspicious because it was quiet - too quiet - and if there is one thing my wain does not do it is quiet. And all the doors were closed... all of 'em .. and my mum seemed obsessed with making sure I went into the kitchen and NO OTHER ROOM.
But anyway, none of this prepared me for the screaming of "Surprise" and the dive of a four year old into my stomach for a cuddle from a hyper boy.
It was then we had the presentation of the flowers and after that it got a bit hazy. There was chatting, and drinking and dancing and the showing off of my Trinny and Susannah "suck 'em all in" pants and more dancing, rounded off my a spectacular rendition of "Part of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid" by me and my brother's girlfriend - the stunning Maria.
Thankfully, there were a lack of cameras present on the night so you'll have to take my word for it that I acted with dignity and grace at all times.

*And yes, they are pictured a bath - where they stayed until Easter Sunday and now they are displayed in a fine vase in my living room.

** Casualdraw - the combined name my son has given for Casualty and the National Lottery Draw which has stuck in our house - cos we are crazy and all.

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Elle said...

Awww congrats on the flowers! They're lovely!

And I want to play Casualdraw. :D

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