Monday, March 31, 2008

Things to melt your heart part 2

Behold "The Peanut" aka the niece or nephew at 16 weeks gestation.
This my sister's second little bubba who is due in September.
I'm dealing with my broodiness by watching her pregnancy develop and ogling all the ickle baby tiny things in the shops that I shall buy for this little one.
No matter how many times you see ultrasound pictures there is always, always something in you that thinks "What a miracle" when you see another one.
Hello Peanut. I'm your auntie Claire. I will always have tall tales to tell, a car with a baby seat in just for you, the ability to sing 'Horsey Horsey' on a loop without losing the will to live and a big cousin who has already promised he will teach you how to use a slide. Get here safe, we can't wait to meet you. x

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